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S.M. Janitorial Cleaning Services is a family-owned cleaning company established in 2012 in Edmonton, Alberta. You don’t have to call several contractors because we already do everything! Our janitorial services include construction cleanup, home and office cleaning, steam cleaning, and more.


Provisions of a Good Cleaning Services Edmonton

Preceding denoting a concurrence with someone to clean your office, research these 7 qualities that you should look for in an authentic business cleaning organization. By ensuring these characteristics are met, your association will be more valuable and dependably work in a cleaner and greener environment.

Cleaning Services Edmonton

A Good Reputation

Preceding utilizing a business cleaning organization, guarantee that they have a shown record of significant worth work. You can do this by calling people occupied with before clients of the association, examining customer references, and doing investigate on the web.

Cleaning Services Edmonton


The association you enlist should outfit you with an unmistakable cleaning plan reliant upon consistently, after quite a many weeks, or month-to-month course of occasions. By giving this plan you can take out secret, and focus on your common business works out. The cleaning organization should reliably come on time with all of the genuine stuff expected to wrap up the errand. A planned cleaning organization licenses you and your association to know when the cleaning organization will be at your office, ensuring an ideal working environment for your staff every day.

Cleaning Services Edmonton

Commitment to Quality

Your cleaning organization should be committed to extraordinary execution in each visit they make to your office. To ensure this quality standard is completely met, ensure all staff comes totally ready in cleaning and staying aware of without microorganisms high touch surfaces. Staff should in like manner be ready to work safely and acknowledge how to clean without disturbing workspaces or hurting some other exorbitant office equipment.

Cleaning Services Edmonton

Supported and Insured

Eliminate the worry from checking your cleaning organization consistently they are defended. Your office is stacked up with huge and critical things that you wanted to safeguard from being hurt. To ensure your cleaning organization association passes on industry-driving business general danger insurance and a security bond.

Cleaning Services Edmonton

Secure and Confidential

As your association oversees private documentation and high-profile clients, you should be ensured that your business cleaning organization gives a critical level of straightforwardness that licenses you to trust their organization. Assert that the association you enroll has done a comprehensive screening on all staff before having them enter your office.

Cleaning Services Edmonton

The Company Provides a Legal Contract

You should look for a cleaning organization that will outfit you with an arrangement that follows the expense and organizations. An arrangement licenses you to review all that has been settled upon by having it recorded as a printed version, so there are no curveballs during the range of the time the cleaning organization is in your office. An association that gives an arrangement is generously more reliable than one that doesn’t and can similarly be anticipated to assume liability for mischief, theft, etc

Cleaning Services Edmonton

Innocuous to the biological system

With the creating time of social commitment, your association should continue to notice areas to attempt to be greener. This can begin with your cleaning organization, by getting some data about their cleaning things and methods to ensure they are basically pretty much as green as could truly be anticipated. By utilizing an innocuous to the biological system organization, you can ensure your staff an ideal and green environment.

In case you pick SM Janitorial Cleaning Edmonton, you can have certainty that your office cleaning organization will have these principal characteristics. We guarantee our work and are consistently attempting to satisfy our customers with an ideal and safe office environment. Contact us today for an assertion and we’ll be the final cleaner you may anytime enroll!

We are by far the best cleaning Services Edmonton had ever boasted off.

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Cleaning Services Edmonton

Our Mission

We strive to keep growing as a business and as cleaning specialists.
We don’t like to use the same approach every time, so we continue
to evolve depending on the requirements of our clients.

Safety First

Irrespective of project type and size, we execute perfectly with our clients safety as major priority.

Approachable & Accountable

We are built on family values - quality, reliability, and integrity. Our cleaning solutions are characterized by an exceptional level of communication.

We Genuinely Care

At S.M. Janitorial we do things a little differently. We are committed to the industry's highest standard to get good results for our clients.

Well Trained Staff

All our employees are well trained in following both company's and work safe protocols to ensure your project is executed satisfactorily. 

Cleaning Services Edmonton

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