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Over time, even the most well-maintained floors will become dirty and dull. But with our professional stripping and waxing services in Edmonton, your floors can look brand new again.

Our process begins with the removal of the old coating, followed by polishing and cleaning of the floor surface. We then apply high-quality wax to restore shine and protect against future wear and tear.

Whether it’s a kitchen or a gym floor, our stripping and waxing services will leave your floors looking their best. Contact us at S.M. Janitorial Cleaning Services to learn more about our floor maintenance solutions both in Edmonton and the outskirts.

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The satisfaction and safety of our clients are our utmost priority. We leave you with quality service and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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All our staffs are highly-trained professionals, working with little or no supervision. You worry about giving us the job and let us worry about executing it perfectly.